Cold Coin®

The Cold Coin is known for reinforcing the body during cold and allergy season. Made of a specialized carbon steel metal, the Cold Coin works by ionizing the body, making it more resistant to colds and congestion. Cold Coins are safe and natural protection for the whole family. They make great gifts and are even the perfect size to fit in your pocket!

Cayce advised that this unique metal will help the body to “resist the inclinations for disturbance with the mucous membranes of the throat and nasal passages”.

The Cold Coin is an accessory that is helpful for everyone. While it is mainly worn in a front pocket so it sits near the groin, a major lymphatic area, some like to wear the Cold Coin around their neck as well. Using our black satin cord (500bsc), the medallion can be comfortably worn around the neck. Keep plenty on hand for yourself and be sure to share them with your friends. Give your body’s natural defenses a boost!

This amazing coin works by the unique ionic reaction that occurs between the body and the Cold Coin when it touches the body.

Click here for information on our newest Cold Coin®. Nosce Te Ipsum Cold Coin® is stamped with the inspirational words "Nosce te Ipsum" meaning Know Thyself. This ancient saying is on the back of each coin.

How To Clean Your Cold Coin®

Over time, you may notice that your Cold Coin® slightly changes color or takes on a tarnished look. This is due to the ionic reaction between the body and the Cold Coin. This is completely normal and very easy to resolve.

To clean, buff and scrub the coin under running water with a steel wool pad. This will not scratch or damage your Cold Coin. Once all of the tarnishing is gone, completely dry your coin. If the tarnishing is still noticeable, scrub again with a calcium, lime and rust cleaner, such as CLR. You can repeat this procedure as needed.

A Sliding Knot for Your Cold Coin®

Step 1

Slip one end of the black satin cord through the hole in your Cold Coin.

Cold Coin Sliding Knot Step 1

Step 2

Take your length of satin and tie a simple overhand knot around one end (b) of the cord with the other end (a).

Cold Coin Sliding Knot Step 2

Step 3

Now take (b) and tie it the same way around (a).

Cold Coin Sliding Knot Step 3

Step 4

Tighten both knots so that the satin slides through but is still snug. The necklace is now adjustable to slip over your head or hang in different lengths.

Cold Coin Sliding Knot Step 4


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