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"Reason I used this product - To eliminate my constant colds. My condition could be described as very run down. I am a full time student, and a full time worker. I've been doing this for the past 2 1/2 years. Since then I had colds on top of colds with about 2 weeks between a cold... I began with this product, and will keep this Cold Coin around my neck until I die. Harsh words aren't they? Results - This part amazes me to this day. I put this Cold Coin around my neck the day I received it. To my surprise, "within 3 hours," yes three hours, I noticed a big - big change within my body. My cold actually began to break up. I couldn't believe what had happened. To this day, I have been out in all kinds of weather while I am at work and others have began to get sniffles, and I have yet to sneeze. I have not taken anything, no cold tablets or anything, only the Cold Coin around my neck. The cold disappeared and has not returned, and I hope it never will. Ratings - 'Excellent' "

"I lost my Cold Coin recently and have given away the others I have bought as wonderful gifts. I was certain I had an additional one, but no. I can tell I haven't had it in my pocket for the past week or so.""

- M.P., Stanley, VA

"We've experienced positive results from our Cold Coins in keeping colds away."

- S.B.-S., Clendora, CA

"My Cold Coin stops my allergic response that required Zyrtec every day for years.""

- C.G., Lancaster, PA

"I wouldn't have believed the Cold Coin would work if I hadn't tried it. Incredibly, I no longer have constant drainage and a dripping nose!!"

- L.W., Perryville, MO

"My mom has taught me about Edgar Cayce since I was a small child. I have been looking at the Cold Coins for years. I am finally buying them for my whole family... I need us all to be strong. Love and light"

- S.M., Camden, NC

"I'm getting Cold Coins for all my friends. Cold Coins are awesome."

- D.G., Montoursville, PA

"These are great!!! My sinuses are so much better!"

- C.J., Polk City, FL

"These Cold Coins work. I have carried one for twenty years and can attest that I have never 'caught' a cold. I give them away on a very regular basis to those I know that fight with low immune systems."

- P.W., North Dartmouth, MA

"I have been wearing our one remaining cold coin all this Australian winter and have not caught a cold or flu, although everyone on my floor at the hospital has. Pretty good huh?"

- Best wishes, J.P., Fremantle, Australia

"I bought one of these [Cold Coins] from you earlier-I have a septum that was moved (damaged and mucus closes 1 nasal passage). But the Cold Coin in my pocket keeps my nasal passages all clear. It is Great! Thanks."

- C.H.

"I purchased my first one from you 17 months ago. I have not had a cold in that whole period! I used to average about 3 to 4 per year before having the Cold Coin. With my engineering nature and disciplined approach, I can report that I have continuously kept it in my pocket every single day. I keep it overnight with my wallet on my dresser, so as to not forget it the next day for use. Here is something to report that amazes me- several times I have woken up with a slightly "stuffy" nose- usually one nostril- and soon after putting the Cold Coin in my pocket- it spontaneously clears up! As a child I suffered allergies to dust and hay fever, particularly in the summer, but in almost a year and a half I have not had one cold! Amazing. I have purchased a few more to give away, with your catalog to associates while telling them to try it and see what happens. In my case it really has worked well. For less than $5.00 per coin, I don't know who would not try it. The price of OTC medicines and the sick feeling, is surely worth a chance at trying a simple remedy such as the Cold Coin."

- E.G.

"The Cold Coin is the best thing out there for my allergies."

- E.G.

"I have sinus & constant head colds, that is until I discovered the Cold Coin! I can breath freely without a stuffed-up nose, which I've had all my life also. My nose will clear within minutes of wearing the coin. ...I simply DO NOT CATCH A COLD while wearing the cold coin. I had caught a flu that was severe in the neighborhood. Making neighbors sick as long as 3 weeks average, I went through all the same symptoms in 4 days, till I applied a new coin, and was back to good health in no time."

- D.M.

"I love the Cold Coin. I have given many to friends and several in our ARE study group are using them with great result. In this arid land of allergies these are a miracle!"

- K.J, Albuquerque, NM

"I really enjoy that product (cold coin). I haven't gotten sick and the friends I've given this to haven't gotten sick."

- M.B., Santa Monica, CA

I love the Cold Coin. I have given many to friends and several in our ARE study group are using them with great result. In this arid land of allergies these are a miracle!"

- K.J, Albuquerque, NM
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